Monday, January 12, 2015

Colourpop Eyeshadows Review

Okay everyone, we needed to make a post dedicated to this because it is life changing. We rant and rave about how we love Colourpop Cosmetics but just decided to try their eyeshadows for the first time (We bought "Bae" and "Hammered")... And good lord! Is it gel? Is it powder? We don't know. We kind of compare it to Make Up For Ever's formula but more cushioned. What we do know is that we want to fall into a pit of whatever it is and sink into it. We can only compare it to a memory foam bed of the most pigmented colors ever. And for $5? We can't stop obsessing. We actually prefer this over standard MAC shadows. Just FYI to everyone: we are not getting paid to post this review. This is 100% excitement about the product. If you want to see what these colors are duped for, stay tuned!

Score card:

 We love the white plastic eyeshadow containers with twist off lids and clear, see-through tops.
 No scent.
 We are absolutely obsessed with the mousse-like, foamy formula. It's definitely easier to apply with a spongey applicator or your finger, rather than standard eyeshadow brushes.
 Helpful tip: use your fingertip to tap these shadows on! You'll get better color payoff this way.
 I want to bathe in these.
 Typical longevity, but I'd recommend using a primer and setting spray with these.
Dupability (Originality)
 Extremely original formula and shades with just a few color dupes sprinkled in.

Overall Score: 4.7

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