Monday, January 12, 2015

Melt Dark Room Review

We recently bought the limited edition lipstick "Dark Room" from Melt Cosmetics (UPDATE: Melt brought back Dark Room to be permanent). Overall, as makeup collectors, this was a must have. BUT if you just want this beet red color, go pick up Colourpop's LBB which is practically identical.

The pros vs. the cons: 

  • All Melt's lipsticks are extremely long lasting due to the ultra matte finish that stains your lips
  • The limited edition packaging was enough for makeup collectors to feel satisfied 

  • Very patchy application. Even noticeable in this swatch where we layered pretty heavily.
  • Even with a lip primer this ultra matte lipstick is so dry it's like rubbing a crayola crayon on your lips
  • The color appeared very different in each of the few images that Melt provided prior to the release. This made it sort of hard to know what color you were truly buying.
Score card:

 The packaging was the standard Melt packaging with a different color logo- making it Limited Edition.
 I'm not the biggest fan of Melt lipstick's scent. It's a strange mix of vanilla, cake, frosting, coconut, and ingredients (crayon-like). I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it's just a strange mix to me.
 Melt lipsticks apply very dry to me. They are supposed to be "warmed up," which makes me feel like it's a little high maintenance for my liking.
 Very pigmented and ultra matte. It does apply a little patchy but I think that's more of formula issue than a pigmentation issue.
Although they are ultra matte, I don't find them to be too drying and I know I don't have to worry about them moving. 
In terms of longevity, Melt's lipsticks will last on the lips for a while, especially when paired with a good liner. 
Dupability (Originality)
Dark Room was fairly easy to dupe. Check out the Melt Cosmetics Tab under our Search Dupes by Brand page! 

Overall Score: 3.7

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