Friday, January 23, 2015

Shade NY La Femme Magnifique Lipstick Review

We recently tested out a few colors of the "La Femme Magnifique" lipsticks by Shade NY Cosmetics. Let me just talk about "Bleu Mode" for a minute because it feels a little different than the rest. I actually didn't care for the way it felt when applying it (it's a deep blue lipstick with sparkles, similar to KVD "Poe," so it feels a little gritty). However, I actually liked this color the best after I put it on! The other three colors are all super creamy. The red and nude colors were similar feeling to Lorac Alter Ego lipstick which is the bomb, BUT you've got to exfoliate your lips before applying because the formula latches onto dry skin. The metallic green was just super creamy feeling and I have no complaints about it! These lipsticks seem to last a while but would need a little touching up after eating or drinking. There wasn't much of a smell which personally, I like! All in all, the formula is super creamy and feels high end (again, comparable to KVD and Lorac consistencies). We'll definitely be grabbing "Rouge Runway" to wear as a daily color and will keep the more unique colors on hand for special occasions.

Score card:

 These mini bullets are slightly smaller than the average lipstick, but the tubes are pretty durable.
 I don't reach for these for the scent.
 These feel very high end. The brighter / shimmer shades apply slightly more streaky than the standard shades.
 The brighter / shimmer shades seem to be less pigmented.
 These are very comfortable and feel high quality - just be sure to exfoliate your lips before use. The blue shade feels more gritty than the rest due to the glitter.
These will last for several hours. 
Dupability (Originality)
 We've only tried a few colors, but from what I've seen the shades are pretty unique.

Overall Score: 3.6

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