Friday, February 6, 2015

City Color City Chic Lipsticks Review

We recently tried the City Chic lipsticks from City Color Cosmetics and are seriously SO impressed. All of the nude colors are pictured here! As you can tell from the look of them, they are amazingly creamy.. They are so creamy and perfect! To me, they feel more creamy than a MAC cremesheen finish, amplified finish, sheen supreme lipstick, and so on and so on. BUT, they also feel crazy light on your lips. It feels like a super moisturizing and light balm (isn't is crazy how a lot of the times more affordable products actually feel better?). I'd probably go as far as to say this is one of my new favorite budget beauty products (and brand). Not only the feel is great, but the colors are all really beautiful and different. I even tried matching some up for dupes and had a tough time because a lot of them are unlike colors I've seen (in the best way possible)! If i HAD to pick something I didn't like, it would probably be the faint (super faint) crayon like scent they have. It isn't overpowering or bothersome at all though, that's just me trying to give a well rounded review. Anyway, these are seriously one of our top five beauty must haves and we would recommend them to nay and every one (BTW they're only $4.99 a piece). Keep checking our page and website, because we are going to be sharing all of the other amazing City Chic colors with you. 

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Score card:

The packaging is cheap, light, and simple. I do like how the colors are shown on the bottoms of the tubes for easy locating, so therefore these are rated higher. 
The scent on these is more tolerable than the Be Matte lipsticks. It's just a tad waxy smelling. 
Perfect, creamy application. 
 These have a slight sheerness to them, but some are more pigmented  than others.
 Incredibly smooth and comfortable on the lips.
These glide right on your lips- but also can glide right off. Not the best for longevity. 
Dupability (Originality)
 These are pretty unique in terms of color. 

Overall Score: 4

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