Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feyoshe Double Glam Lip Colour Review

We recently tried the new Feyoshe Cosmetics Double Glam Lip Colours. They are $16 a piece or you can get all four colors in a bundle for $56 ($8 savings). Our first impression was that these products are seriously changing up the liquid to matte game! Most liquid to matte's last pretty well throughout the day and are easily removed with oil. Well let me tell you, I tried coconut oil and olive oil and neither would take even a tiny bit of this product off. So there's no reason to fear eating greasy foods while wearing these! These are really really difficult to remove (which is actually not a terrible problem to have). I haven't actually worn one throughout the entire day, but with how well they adhere to your lips I do not see these budging at all. Like I said, these are revolutionizing the liquid to matte trend. The only thing that worked for me to remove the product was putting on another layer of the product then wiping it off, which to me, is kind of negative because you end up using up more product (there could be other ways, I just haven't discovered it yet, so if you know of some please leave tips in the comments below)! The AMAZING thing about these lip colours is that you essentially get two beautiful products in one! You can wear the liquid to matte color alone or put the clear gloss over it, both yielding beautiful results! Out favorite colors of the bunch were Treasure and Cherry Cola. Treasure is practically identical to Gerard Cosmetics "1995" and Cherry Cola reminds us of OCC "Black Metal Dahlia." Will share side by side swatches soon! All in all, we really actually love the lasting power and multi functionality of these products. We think they're great and would recommend these to liquid to matte fans, because like we said, they really change up the game. Now what do you think of these colors?!

Score card:

I love that these are a dual-purpose product. Liquid lipstick is on one end while the gloss is on the other. 
 I don't reach for these for the scent.
 Okay, these apply just wonderfully. But I have to take into account that these are near impossible to remove.
 This is my least favorite part. They are SO drying because of how well they adhere to your lips. Using the gloss makes them feel a lot better. 
One of the longest lasting liquid lipsticks I've tried. 
Dupability (Originality)
 I love the colors they've launched- unlike the typical red and pink that everyone is releasing.

Overall Score: 3.9

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