Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Makeup Revolution Lip Lava Review

We recently have been trying tons of Makeup Revolution goodies and are really excited to share our thoughts with you all. Everything we've tried from them so far has had great results! Here's swatches of the Lip Lava's which are pretty much identical to Too Faced Melted liquid lipsticks, from the formula, all the way down to the felt tip that it's applied with (but at a price that's ideal for babes on a budget). I really actually love this product, which is big coming from a matte lipstick lover like myself. They are super pigmented, they actually are crazy bright which the photos don't capture. They are really comfortable on the lips and feel pretty moisturizing. At only $4.62 a piece (or you can get a bundle of all five for the price of four) yeah, I'm going to go ahead and recommend these to everyone. Has anyone else tried these lip lavas? What are your thoughts?!

Score card:

I love the tubes and the applicator (it's the same type of flat, fuzzy tip that Too Faced Melted has). I do find it a little odd that I can't find the brand name anywhere on the tube, though! 
 I don't detect a scent, which is better than an icky one.
 The applicator is great. It's the same type of flat, fuzzy tip that Too Faced Melted has. These apply smoothly over the lips.
 These are brighter and more pigmented than this picture shows.
Very comfortable. 
These dry down a little bit from being a glossy liquid lipstick (similar to Too Faced Melted), but do not adhere to the lips completely, making them so so in terms of longevity. 
Dupability (Originality)
 The colors are pretty different, but the formula reminds me a lot of Too Faced Melted (other than my Too Faced shades tend to separate, which I have not experienced with these).

Overall Score: 4

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