Wednesday, March 4, 2015

LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints Review

Can't decide which LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints to buy? Well here's a quick little swatch chart to ease your shopping frustrations! These photos were taken outside with flash. We will of course provide you with some lip swatches soon, because we know it can be helpful to see a product on the lips, since lips don't have hair on them like arms do. Anyway, we're happy we tried these lip paints. They're pretty cool because you can mix the colors to create your own, which is always fun! They are highly pigmented, look really nice on the lips and smell like peppermint! They actually remind us of OCC lip tar all the way from the formula (except OCC is slightly stickier than these in our opinion) down to the scent. If you're wondering how they compare to Too Faced Melted, they are more liquified and have a hyper glossy finish. They could be a good affordable alternative to Melted since they are only $4 a piece, but just know you aren't getting the same product. Moving on to one thing we didn't really care for; We aren't too crazy about the plastic tip where the product squeezes out of. It makes application difficult, so if you're trying these for the first time I would recommend having a lip brush on hand to apply it more evenly. Other than that, these are a great $4 lip color for guys and gals who love a glossy finish! Have you tried these Glazed Lip Paints by LA Girl Cosmetics? What are your thoughts?!

Score card:

Okay.. So the packaging is nice. The tubes are cute and reminiscent of Too Faced Melted. However, the applicator is my last favorite part of these. It's a hard plastic angled tip with a hole that releases the product. 
 Mm.. Minty.
 As mentioned above, the applicator is the downfall of these. It doesn't apply product evenly. If it had a fuzzy tipped applicator to absorb extra product (like the Too Faced Melted) I think these would apply much nicer. 
 Very pigmented for what they are meant for (glossy)!
Pretty comfortable and moisturizing on the lips! 
I don't reach for these when I need something to last long. I actually am concerned with these wiping off on my skin, clothes, face, teeth, etc. 
Dupability (Originality)
 They have a great range of beautiful and different colors, but the formula is similar to OCC lip tar.

Overall Score: 3.4


  1. I bought the color, flirt. Wasn't a fan of the tube or the color and consistency. Nothing like ABH. Smelled good! I am
    So not a fan that I have it to my 4 year old daughter who's obsessed with makeup. Lol. She loves it!

    1. Thank you for your feedback! I have to agree that the tube and applicator make application difficult, but I can't deny that we love these liquid lipsticks!