Saturday, March 21, 2015

LA Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color Review

We're really excited about these luxury creme lip colors from LA Girl Cosmetics. They are really a great product for being $4 a piece (they're also cruelty free)! They are super creamy but also packed with pigment. Some of the products formulas feel a little inconsistent, but that could be done on purpose to provide a different finish. Some seem more matte and the feeling reminds us of City Color's Be Matte lipsticks, while others are more creamy and remind us of City Color's City Chic lipsticks. Either way, they are all extremely nice feeling on the lips and are actually really moisturizing. I was seriously loving these colors as I was swatching them, and was planning on telling you what my favorites were.. But I kept thinking "Oh, this one's my favorite.. Oh god THIS is my favorite.. THIS one is FOR SURE my favorite." It was a little difficult to choose which I liked best but I'll try to narrow it down for you. From the colors above, I am loving "Rendezvous." The only negative I think with these is the scent. They have a slight waxy crayon scent, maybe even a little florally, again, super similar to City Color's City Chic lipsticks. But honestly, it doesn't bother me (like I don't even notice it) after I apply it, and it doesn't leave a weird taste in my mouth of anything. So all in all, I'm pretty psyched about these and if you're dying to place an order, we've swatched all 24 shades for you!

Score card:

 This packaging is pretty blah. It reminds me of Wet n' Wild matte lipstick tubes.
I try to avoid these for the scent. They smell too florally for my liking. 
 These are super creamy and glide right on the lips.
 Extremely pigmented lipsticks.
 Creamy = comfort.
 I don't reach for these for the longevity. They do last a little longer paired with a lip liner and primer.
Dupability (Originality)
These are great because there are SO many colors to choose from! 

Overall Score: 3.3

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