Saturday, March 14, 2015

MAC Bao Bao Wan Collection Review

Get out your reading glasses folks, because we have a lot of product reviews to share with you today! First, we wanted to share our thoughts on the limited edition MAC "Bao Bao Wan" collection. This collection did not disappoint. The colors were probably some of the most beautiful and bright that we're expecting to see from MAC this year, all while being very wearable. "Lavender Jade" was the star for a lot of people, and I have to agree, but why aren't people more excited about "Burmese Kiss"?! It is seriously stunning! It's such a unique coral-red, that I'm kicking myself for not buying a back up! "Romantic Breakdown" was kind of a bit.. Random for this collection. It's definitely pretty, but I would have rather seen a matte bright peachy nude, or something else along those lines. The packaging was pretty, frosted black tubes with gold script, but personally nothing I'd sell my soul over. What were your thoughts on the Bao Bao Wan collection?! Were you able to snag something good?! If not, check out our limited edition MAC dupes section of our website for dupes for these colors!

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