Monday, March 30, 2015

MAC Mia Moretti Collection (LE) Review

Here are swatches of the MAC "Mia Moretti" Creme Colors. So we felt we needed to review these mostly because we haven't tried out any of MAC's cream color bases and thought we should give them a try/share our opinions with you. You guys, these are amazing. But let me stress that I have normal/dry skin and they are a god send for my skin type! If anyone with oily skin has tried these we would love for you to tell us your thoughts so all skin types can benefit from this! But on with MY personal review: These are extremely creamy yet light so they don't cake onto your face. I applied them with my fingers because I just felt they were easier to blend on my skin that way. I often don't like applying things with my fingers because I don't want to move my foundation. (I'm a bit pink from the sun today so I'd know if it moved my foundation.) They blended effortlessly and didn't streak my foundation underneath! Using the two colors pictured I ended with a perfect dewy summer glow. So if you have dry skin and have been searching for the right product to get that "naturally dewy"look, these are for you. I now can't wait to get them all and hopefully find some dupes someday for this flawless formula (These LE colors are still available online). 

Our MAC Mia Moretti "Who's the DJ?" lip palette also arrived today so we had to try it out immediately! I don't know about you, but if MAC releases blue, green, and purple Easter egg lip colors then I pretty much HAVE to have them. After testing the colors out, they're a lot more pastel than I had pictured. None of them are really bright or bam in your face, like I was secretly hoping. I think the lightness of the colors makes them appear slightly patchy and streaky, but that could also be the lip brush contributing to the look. I do think these colors would have applied nicer in an actual lipstick tube, but you really can't beat 6 MAC lip colors for $40. Especially for a limited edition keepsake! I'll definitely put this aside and find it "visually stimulating" when enjoying my collection rather than actually reaching for it on a day to day basis. Did you grab one of these lip palettes? What are your thoughts?!

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