Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Silk Naturals Lipstick & Velvet Matte Lipstick Review

We wanted to share some swatches of the Silk Naturals Velvet Matte Lipsticks (the top and middle row) and regular Lipstick (the bottom row). These come in black slim line tubes (I love slim line tubes- I feel like they make it easy to have a flawless application) and run about $6 a piece, not a bad price for high quality, vegan cosmetics! All of the colors come out so vivid and pigmented and come in an array of seriously gorgeous colors. Their velvet matte lipsticks have a great matte lipstick formula. Not too dry or drying, while providing great color payoff. The regular lipsticks also apply very nicely with just a creamier finish. I actually am loving "Pinup" and "Swoon" right now. There isn't really a scent with these, which is better than having a bad scent, and maybe you look for fragrance free items when purchasing lip products! I personally feel more inclined to grab a vanilla scented lip product over anything else, but these are still really nice in my book. My only complaint with these is that two of my slim line tubes wouldn't twist up so I couldn't apply the product unless I dug into it and used a lip brush. I didn't swatch those colors here. It must have just been defective packaging! Anyway, I do encourage you to give these a try (especially the velvet mattes- loving that formula) and let us know your thoughts if you do!

Score card:

 I'm all about the slim line tubes! However, a couple of my tubes were defective and wouldn't twist up (therefore were unusable unless I stuck something in there to dig product out), which leads me to believe that this may be a common problem with their tubes.
 Not much of a scent.
The products that worked for me, worked nicely. 
 Great pigmentation and stunning colors.
 These are very comfortable.
These last about as long as MAC matte lipsticks. 
Dupability (Originality)
A unique range of neutral colors, with several reds! 

Overall Score: 4

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