Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wet n' Wild Mega Last Lipstick Review

We post these Wet n' Wild Mega Last lipsticks ALL THE TIME and we realized we have never reviewed them. We will be posting swatches of the full line so you can use it as a guide when you shop. These are great for a variety of skin tones. Not counting NYX matte lipsticks, we would consider these the holy grail of drugstore mattes. Which is nice because not everywhere carries NYX. These have a slight cinnamon smell and the packaging is kinda blah. I don't think anyone is really trying to show off their plastic Wet n' Wild tube. But that's fine, becaase the product is pretty fantastic inside. Every color is extremely pigmented and feels really creamy on. Some people have said these don't last long for them but based on my experience they last pretty well! Way longer than Milani or Maybelline mattes. This is probably because the product is so much thicker. There's one weird thing about these though. After you've opened them and them leave them closed again for a bit, they get a weird dusty looking film over them. We don't realy know why. I don't give these a chance for a really long time and wish I had just stopped being a makeup snob and tried them years ago. These are TWO dollars, you guys. So if you haven't, you need to give them a chance.

Score card:

 I definitely don't pull these lipsticks out of my bag to show off. The packaging is very "drugstore," consisting of simple black tubes and clear lids. 
 I don't detect much of a scent from these.
 These apply SO wonderfully. They are fully opaque in one swipe.
These are crazy pigmented and not just for the price ($2 a piece). They are some of the most pigmented matte lipsticks that I own. 
These are very creamy and comfortable for a matte lipstick. 
 These last longer than many of my high end products. They're some of my favorite drug store lipsticks.
Dupability (Originality)
Many of the shades dupe high end lipsticks, such as MAC. 

Overall Score: 4

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