Friday, April 3, 2015

City Color Creamy Lips Review

So we wanted to share our thoughts on the new City Color Cosmetics Creamy Lips! They're really not a liquid to matte, not a gloss, not a stain, they're kind of something all their own-like maybe a MIX of all three. It's got that liquid to (air quotes) "matte" (end air quotes) factor going on, because it's really similar to NYX soft matte lip cream in texture! Like those, they never fully dry to a matte finish, but aren't really glossy either. Ah i know, I am NOT making sense here! Let's just say it's a liquid lipstick with a nice mousse-like texture, very true to the name, creamy lips! Definitely refreshing in a world full of super adhering, difficult to remove, and beyond drying liquid to matte products. If you love NYX soft matte lip creams, you will love these! The scent is similar to other City Color lip products, kind of crayon like and maybe even a little florally, but it's pretty faint. Also, they're only $5 so what do you have to lose if you try it out and end up not liking it? I recommend trying Blackberry Mojito, it's such a gorgeous and UNIQUE shade of purple. I don't think I have anything like it in my collection! It's slightly mauvey, very pretty. Have you tried out the new Creamy Lips? What are your thoughts?

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Score card:

 Interesting shaped tube. I love that they are the same color as the product inside.
 The scent on these is better than the Be Matte lipsticks. They are a little florally for my taste, but it's definitely better than a crayon-like scent.
 Very easy to apply with the wand, and feels extremely creamy and soft on the lips.
 I'm surprised at how pigmented these are for a cream!
 The feel of these is extremely comfortable- but I rated it a little lower as I can't help but worry that it will get on my teeth.
Not particularly long lasting as these are not a liquid to matte lipstick. They remain creamy and act more as a stain. 
Dupability (Originality)
 The colors seem generic at first glance, but are actually pretty difficult to dupe.

Overall Score: 4

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