Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Milani Eyeliners Review

Ever look at that wall of eyeliners and just no even know where to begin? Us too. Here, we tried pretty much every formula of eyeliner that Milani Cosmetics makes. I'm going to be honest and say the most inexpensive one (easyliner) is cheaper for a reason. Dry, dull in color, and lack of precision. But don't worry, because some of these are my new FAVORITES! The eye tech extreme liquid eyeliner on top is the blackest/most opague felt-like marker liner I've ever used. It bled a little on my arm but I didn't really experience that after using a primer. My next obsession is the liquid-like eyeliner pencil, the sharpenable one! Everyone can expect super smoky eyes from me for like a month now. Again, this is super opague and black. It glides on easily and you have time to play with it before it sets. When it sets, it's like a liquid liner. Barely budges. What do you think about these Milani eyeliners?

Our typical "score card" is not applicable for this comparison review.

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