Tuesday, April 21, 2015

OFRA Cosmetics Lipsticks Review

I will never stop loving Ofra Cosmetics, and do you know why? Their company is truly one of a kind. Their customer service is outstanding and their products are top notch. Other than that, how cool is it that you can purchase from the actual manufacturer? Not all companies have their own lab where they create their own products. Ofra does. Everything you get from Ofra is made there (and from what I've been told, the lipsticks are made as you order them). I think it's so awesome to know where your cosmetics are coming from! Anyway, we've blabbed about our love for the company before so I'm just going to jump in and talk about these lipsticks. I think I have 46 out of 50 colors? I could be wrong. Regardless, keep your eyes peeled for swatches of the rest! They apply like a dream! Today was honestly such an easy lip swatch day for me (coming from a gal who just swatched over 30 lipsticks), all because of how easy these applied. I don't know why, it just seemed like I didn't have to put forth any effort in trying to make these look good. If I was blindfolded, had these put on me, and saw swatches later, I would guess they were some crazy expensive high-end brand. they are all creamy, but the finishes vary. Some are matte, some are frosty, and some are very sheer, so hopefully these swatches help you decide which you like best! Some of these smell faintly like strawberries but I also came across some where I couldn't pick up a scent at all. The only thing I would change about these is the fact that some of them have names, while others are just numbered (then there's some that have both). Obviously that doesn't effect the product at all, it's just me being picky! They cost $13 each, but if you use the code "dupethat" at checkout you'll receive 30% off your order!

Score card:

 Okay, so the packaging itself is fine- cute, sleek black tubes with a color indicator on the bottom (I love that)! What I don't love is that some of the shades have names, and some are just numbered. I really really wish the names were more consistent.
 The scent is a little inconsistent across the products. Some smell like strawberries, where some I cannot detect a scent (which is definitely better than a stinky one)!
Extremely great quality in terms of application. These are all so creamy and long lasting - a truly great lipstick formula. 
 Some shades are more pigmented than others, but that's also due to the fact that many of these are different finishes. Some are frosty, some are satin, and some are more matte than others.
 Definitely very comfortable and non-drying.
About as long lasting as MAC lipsticks. 
Dupability (Originality)
 This line of colors is so different from other shades on the market! I had a hard time trying to dupe these shades.

Overall Score: 4.4

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