Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Soothe Chef Lip Balms Review

We recently tried out these crazy flavored lip balms from The Soothe Chef (an Etsy shop), because honestly, how could I not be intrigued by a pizza flavored balm? They feel good on your lips, no complaints there, and really nothing too extraordinary about the formula. The real reason to try these is for the flavors! The scents aren't too overpowering like you'd get with Lipsmackers, but they have a nice faint scent, which I really like. When it came down to it, the only one I didn't care for was pizza. It was the only scent that was a little off, it smelled a little like.. Maybe oregano? I don't know. I was hoping to smell fresh baked pizza on my lips because I'm weird like that. Everything else was wonderful. Popcorn and lavender are two of my favorites, really mellow in smell but also really delicious, and of course all the sweet flavors are nice too. All in all, I recommend checking out her shop! These flavored lip balms would be a great novelty item, and an awesome gift for your lip balm loving friends and family members! They're $3.25 a piece but also come in a variety of bundles. Would you branch out and try these flavors?!

Score card:

 We love this super simple and cute packaging.
 So, the purpose for trying crazy flavored lip balms is for the crazy scent, right?! We explained above how all of the typical delicious smelling scents smelled, well, delicious, and the pizza flavor left much to be desired.
 No problems with application.
Not applicable. 
 I don't have any complaints as far as comfort, I just rate it slightly lower as it's not my favorite lip balm formula.
The scent isn't overwhelming which is nice, but it does last for a while on the lips. 
Dupability (Originality)
Totally unique flavors! 

Overall Score: 4.3

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