Monday, May 18, 2015

Lic Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks/Metallic Lipgloss Review

Continuing on with reviewing some indie beauty brands- here are the liquid to matte liquid lipsticks ($16), as well as the metallic lipglosses ($12) from Lic Cosmetics! First off, I totally believe Lic Cosmetics is the next up and coming liquid to matte brand! They have crazy beautiful shades and strive to make unique colors. "China Blue" is the color that drew me to the brand. They are long lasting, apply beautifully, and I can't think of one thing I don't love about them. The metallic glosses are my favorite. With OCC's metallic lip tars as well as Kat Von D's upcoming metal line, metallics are all the rage. "Duchess" applied a little patchy as you can see, but "Blaze" is beautiful and one of my new favorites! Have you tried any shades from Lic Cosmetics? What are you thoughts?!

Score card:

Packaging is something that's really a deal breaker for me. The packaging of the Lic Cosmetics products are the standard, square tubes that most indie brands use and get from a manufacturer. 
The glosses have a nice minty scent reminiscent of OCC lip tars, and the liquid to mattes don't have much of a scent. 
 The applicator needs to be re-dipped a few times to get enough product to cover the lips, but that's better than gooping too much product on.
 Extremely pigmented.
A little drying but really nothing too out of the ordinary. 
 Very long lasting liquid lipsticks. Some colors perform better than others.
Dupability (Originality)
 The colors are great, but they aren't anything we haven't seen before. I found one of the shades had the same item number on the bottom of the tube as another indie brand.

Overall Score: 2.7

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