Monday, June 29, 2015

DNA Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks Review

So we've been sharing a few products from DNA Cosmetics (an Etsy shop) as alternatives for spendy products so we thought we'd let you know our thoughts! Here, we swatched 7 out of 14 of their liquid lipsticks so keep checking back for the next set of swatches! These liquid lipsticks ($10.50) are super matte, long lasting, quick drying and transfer proof. They differ from most as they act as more of a stain. They are extremely pigmented but not as opaque as some, if that makes sense. For example, one coat wouldn't completely cover a freckle on the arm (as pictured), but 2-3 coats can really build these babies up. The swatches pictured were 1-2 coats. I actually like that about these because some days I'm not feeling like BAM look at my lips. For being such a thin formula, they apply really nicely and non-streaky. What I don't love about these is that a few of them leak a little bit when I closed them (only 3 out of 14 did this). It's easily wiped away and if you catch it when it happens you won't have to worry about a lipstick covered bag, because they do not continue to leak after closing. Overall, I think you should try these out! They dupe some high end products and like I said, with one coat it's more of a stain. I think these will even appeal to those who don't love liquid to mattes! 

Score card:

 The packaging is standard, but very small tubes. They feel high quality and might even be glass.
These have a slightly sweet smell that may have been added to mask the ingredient smell, which is still detectable.  
I love how smooth these feel when you apply them! Some shades need added coats to lose the patchiness. 
 With a liquid lipstick, you'd typically expect more pigmentation. These are incredibly buildable, though.
 These are very comfortable on the lips, but are not my favorite formula.
 Very long lasting liquid to matte.
Dupability (Originality)
Some of these shades are dupes for Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks. 

Overall Score: 3.9

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