Wednesday, June 3, 2015

JD Glow Cosmetics Pressed Powders Review

Okay everyone, I know this is just about the strangest way to swatch EVER, but I had to show you the crazy color payoff these give! Ahem, behold the holy grail of highlighters and that is JD Glow Cosmetics pressed powders (CRUELTY FREE). They are SO creamy and velvety (in a pressed powder form) and blend so incredibly. They feel just like Gerard Cosmetics new Star Powders, so if you've tried those, you have a little better of an idea of how these feel. I'm so, SO impressed with the quality and range of reflects these give (and they're only $13 a piece right now, marked down from $15). The packaging is a little plain and simple (clear compacts with the logo sticker on top) but the design pressed into the highlighter is beautiful and the color payoff is, as you can see, amazing! Check out our next photo for swatches blended out. Have you tried these pressed powders?! What are your thoughts?

Score card:

These do hold a lot of product and I love the texture of the dots on the top of the product itself. What I don't love is the compacts and the clear sticker labels on top of the compacts. I would have loved to see the logo printed on top! 
Not applicable. 
 These apply like a dream.
 These are one of the most pigmented highlighters I've used. Be sure to steer away from heavy handedness!
 These are creamy and velvety and aren't noticeable once they're on.
 Whatever bonding agent is used in these helps these stay put.
Dupability (Originality)
 These are incredibly original highlight shades! Pistachio is my favorite and gives a subtle green sheen!

Overall Score: 4.7

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  1. Their customer service is terrible!! Watch Natalie N YouTube channel for a video.. This is what you can expect from them. They are rude and unprofessional. Even thes statement on their website are rude to their customer's they will NOT replace broken powders! And they are also rude about the shipping. Will never buy from a dodgy company 😖