Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nia Cosmetics Lip Cream Review

Okay, so you've probably seen these babies being sold from a few different companies so we thought we'd share our thoughts on them, and maybe help you reach a decision on if you'd like to try them, or pass! So, I'll admit it. I love these lip creams. I've tried them from several different companies and they're all generally the same. In my understanding, these are not quite a lipstick, and not quite a gloss. It's somewhere in between in a super pigmented gel like liquid lipstick that has either a super glossy finish or slightly less glossy finish. Anyway, we chose to try them from Nia Cosmetics because this is where we've found them for the lowest price, and we know how much you all appreciate low prices! They are $10 a pop, incredibly hydrating (feels like a lip mask), they don't bleed, and they come in straight up crazy gorgeous colors. Now, from what I understand, these are pretty easy to make (I've seen more and more hate going around for companies that sell products like these- that are made from ingredients sold online), but guys, that's what a business is. Ingredients are bought and products are made. I for one would rather support a small business than try to create a lip cream in my kitchen. I'd definitely recommend trying these out, and of course, let me hear your thoughts once you do!

Score card:

So, I like that these come in little jars and are applied with a lip brush. However, I wish all of the jars matched! Some of them are round and some of them are cubes, as pictured. 
 Not much of a scent.
 These apply just fine (you'll need a brush). They are buildable depending on how much product you use, but using too much can cause goopiness.
 These are very pigmented.
 These are one of the most moisturizing and nourishing formulas I've tried. It's like wearing a lip treatment throughout the day. 
 These can wipe right off so the longevity isn't the best.
Dupability (Originality)
 So, I know of a few companies that sell the exact same products, so sadly these products aren't one of a kind.

Overall Score: 3.4

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