Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Vivid Addiction Liquid Matte Lipstick Review

We are so honored to be able to try out Vivid Addiction's NEW liquid to matte lipsticks for you before their release! They went available for pre-sale on MAY 29th at 12pm PST. So here are our swatches of the seven VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE shades! What I love most a about them is the range of colors! Liquid to mattes are definitely getting a little repetitive with the standard red, burgundy, hot pink, etc. But look at these shades! Yes, there are the standard reds (I'm definitely not downplaying their gorgeous-ness here), but there's a completely unique nude unlike anything on the market right now (believe me, it's been swatched against them all), there's the two beautiful purple shades, and the most beautiful shade of all is the dusty rose shade "Stripped 2." I die for this color! I also really love "Master." For being a hot pink, it's really more of a fuchsia, which sets it apart from other pinks that you can get anywhere. These babies are incredibly long lasting and smooch-proof. Like, even scrubbing with oil takes a while to remove them, really similar in wear time to the LA Splash Smitten lip tint mousse.That's always a positive to have your lipstick last while you're diving into a greasy meal! There's really no scent, and the only thing that slightly bothers me is the tackiness of these once they're dry. Avoid pressing your lips together too much and they won't stick, and should wear flawlessly! What do you think of these shades?!

Score card:

The packaging is the standard rectangular tubes that most indie brands use for their liquid lipsticks. 
 These have a slight ingredient scent to them.
These apply nice and opaque!
 Very pigmented.
 These are a bit drying and remain slightly tacky, but it isn't too bad!
 These are very long lasting.
Dupability (Originality)
 Some of the shades are a little repetitive in liquid to matte world, but a few of the pinks are pretty and different!

Overall Score: 3.3


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