Saturday, July 18, 2015

City Color Cosmetics Contour Effects 2 Palette Review

(UPDATE: I have been hearing the first City Color contour kit is great for darker skin tones! I don't have it so I am just passing that along from some awesome followers). Okay first I must apologize that I didn't photograph this before I used it. I saw that cool contour color and my fingers just had to swatch. I've actually been using this for the last few weeks and had to share it because I love it so much. This is especially great now that contouring is taking a more natural route (YASSS). The dark contour shade is VERY pigmented so a little bit goes a long way. With that being said, it is also VERY smooth and blendable! That's an incredible combo in an affordable product. I love the middle bronzer as it is the perfect transition color for my skin tone (NC20). Unfortunately, I feel this would be too light for darker skin tones but we hope that City Color will come out with a deeper version since it is SO great. anyway, I also use that middle bronzer when I'm gonna pop out to run errands and don't want to do a full face. I just dust it on my cheeks, nose, and forehead and I look like I just have a natural glow. I like the highlight for the sake of it being convenient. It's smooth and blends easily without looking cakey and emphasizing pores. I just feel like once you have fallen in love with a highlight it's hard to peel away from it. So I actually still use their highlight wands instead of the highlight pictured. (We have those reviewed those as well). I think this is an amazing value for $13.99. And it's even more affordable with our 15% off code "dupethat". Have you guys tried either contour palette from @citycolorcosmetics ?!

Score card:

 Simple black cardboard folding palette. Very easy to use and easy to take on the go.
 No scent.
 These apply very nicely and blend like a dream.
These are very pigmented, so those of you that are a little heavy handed: use caution! 
 I don't notice these on my skin.
 Very long lasting.
Dupability (Originality)
 These are super similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills' contour kit- but with three shades rather than 6.

Overall Score: 4.2

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