Saturday, July 18, 2015

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

We have actually been dying to tell you guys about these new liquid lipsticks from Gerard Cosmetics. We aren't shy about the fact that Ofra and Jeffree Star are our favorite formulas and that is because comfort is VERY important to us. So guess what? We have a new favorite formula to add to our list! Now let me get into detail so you can decide if these are for you. So they go on liquid and and extremely even/opaque. They smell like frosting to me so that's a big yay because I hate liquid lipsticks that smell like chemicals. They do take several minutes to dry. I personally like this because hey, we aren't makeup artists. I like having time to fix my mess ups. These will dry comfortably after a few minutes BUT it takes some additional time for them to dry to a pretty transfer proof finish. They feel EXTREMELY soft and velvety (I am a SUCKER for this). They wear for about 5 hours but the good news is that they just wear off kind of like a normal lipstick and can be reapplied without any weird crumbly mess. The tubes are a little bit smaller than some brands so I'm glad we have a discount code so you guys are getting a good value for your hard earned moneys. I am so pleased with the formula they came up with and the color that @mannymua733 created with them for it is just gorgeous and wearable for everyone. 

Use the code "dupe4you30" to get 30% off your entire purchase plus free worldwide shipping OR use the code "dupe3for35" to get ALL 3 shades for $35 (originally $20 each) plus free worldwide shipping.

Score card:

The frosted tubes and gold lids make these look incredibly elegant, but they are slightly smaller than other liquid to mattes on the market. 
 Mmm.. Frosting.
These apply amazingly. 
 Great color payoff.
 These have turned into one of my favorite liquid to matte formulas. They are extremely comfy on the lips that I forget I'm wearing them.
 Avoid greasy meals!
Dupability (Originality)
It's up in the air with the unique-ness of these. The nude/pink shades are incredibly unique but I have more orange lipsticks than I know what to do with. 

Overall Score: 4.3

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