Friday, July 3, 2015

Lonely Planet Liquid Lipsticks Review

I can't say enough good things about Lonely Planet's silky matte liquid lipsticks ($15). They are JUST that. They're soft and silky during application AND upon drying! Other brands liquid lipsticks commonly have issues with crumbling, tackiness, or removal when pressing your lips together- these don't. That said, they are NOT transfer proof. They feel light and soft on the lips and pressing your lips together is as comfortable as wearing chapstick with these, AND they are long lasting. The formula is seriously so unbeatable, that I wonder why more formulas aren't like this! Honestly, in my PERSONAL OPINON (totally understand if you disagree), I prefer liquid lipsticks that are comfy on the lips rather than transfer proof. I'd much rather reach for something that will look and feel awesome, than something that will adhere like cement to my lips. They also smell like buttercream and have a range of amazing nudes, roses, and mauves as shown above. So, why haven't you tried them yet? If you have, are you on cloud nine with me?! ALSO, "Bowery V" screams Lime Crime "Faded" to me, so if anyone has side by side swatches, we'd love to see!

Score card:

 The tubes are the same as Pretty Zombie Cosmetics- round tubes with metallic lids. They made it their own by having the name printed on them, though.
 You know I have a weakness for buttercream frosting.
 These apply incredibly. They feel amazing, and there is no patchiness or streakiness whatsoever
Very pigmented. 
 My favorite kinds of liquid lipsticks are the kinds that are creamy, moussey, velvety, and all around comfortable. These are just that.
 These are incredibly long lasting, but I rate it slightly lower because they aren't the type of liquid lipstick that adheres to your lips and is impossible to remove. I find those to last the longest.
Dupability (Originality)
 I'm obsessed with this range of colors.

Overall Score: 4.8

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