Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Treasures Box Organizers Review

So let me start out by saying that this "Twirl Lipstick Organizer" from The Treasures Box is a tad pricey. Honestly, I frequent the aisles of Ross & TJ Maxx looking for acrylic organizers as often as I can. Those places are great to find simple acrylic drawers or flat lipstick organizers, but I have NEVER seen anything like this before (other than when I'm drooling over others' collections and wondering how I can get my hands on a spinning lipstick tower). If you have $80 to spend (USE "DUPETHAT" TO GET 10% OFF) and are a freak about organizing your makeup like I am, then you NEED THIS! It's the perfect way for makeup collector's to display they're LE goodies. Mines a wee bit squeaky when it spins, but for me it's mostly just for displaying my pretties, and it functions just fine to spin and access my lipsticks (it holds 64 lip products). The Treasures Box also carries a TON of more AFFORDABLE acrylic organizers that I'd recommend checking out. What's your favorite way to organize your makeup?

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