Thursday, August 6, 2015

City Color Shimmer Shadows Review

If you had to buy one City Color Cosmetics product, these would be the ones to buy. I love these more than any City Color product I've ever tried before (and that's saying a lot). They consistently make good, affordable products, but THESE.. These are a holy grail eyeshadow. They have a gel powder like formula (think Make Up For Ever shadows) so they are soft, velvety, and glide right on. Some of the shades perform better than others, and have more shimmer than others, but I've noticed that with the new Kat Von D Metal Crush shadows, too. I've actually noticed that the more shimmery they are, the nicer they feel. How warped is that?! These are all incredibly glittery so if you hate shimmer shadows, these are not for you. The only shade that isn't technically a Shimmer Shadow is "Black Widow." It's a matte black shade packed with pigment. We did something a little different with these and put them to the tattoo test. These are covering up a tattoo on my arm of a seahorse. Even the lighter shades provided crazy coverage when put to the test! I'm absolutely obsessed with these. Like I said, if you were going to buy anything from City Color- these need to be your first purchase. You'll be hooked! These will be releasing tomorrow, August 7th and will be $6.99 a piece for 3.65 grams of product (MAC eyeshadows have 1.5 grams).

Here's a list of our favorite shades:
New year, new me!, Bubble bath, All eyes on me, Marsala, It's a girl!, Hint of mint, Beach cottage, It's a boy!, and Oh so naughty.

Which shades are calling your name?

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Score card:

The packaging is super simple. Black compacts with a clear lid so you can see the product inside. These hold 3.65 grams of product, so that is a major yes for us! 
No scent. 
Some shades are less shimmery, and less velvety than others. But these apply SO amazingly- especially for their price! 
 One of the most pigmented eyeshadows I've tried.
They are super comfortable on because of the gel like formula, but they are super thick and could be heavier than other eyeshadows. 
 These last a long time, but use a primer and setting spray for longer longevity.
Dupability (Originality)
So these are somewhere right in the middle as far as originality. The formula is almost IDENTICAL to Make Up for Ever eyeshadows and is incredibly similar to Kat Von D Metal Crush as well, but the colors are for the most part, different. 

Overall Score: 4.5

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