Saturday, August 29, 2015

NYX Simply Lip Cream Review

We recently ordered the NYX Cosmetics Simply Nude Lip Cream set and these have to be some of our favorite budget matte nudes! So creamy and soft feeling, not streaky, and pretty opague! We will definitely have a few of these in our purse at all times. The only thing we warn you is that the lipstick loosened in a couple of them and falls out if you're not careful.

These swatches are of the Simply Pink Lip Creams. These ones didn't perform as well as the nudes. They are just as soft and creamy, but feel a little cheap when applied. This experience is definitely not like any other experience I've had when using NYX products. 

Score card:

I actually love the chubby stick, crayon like packaging. The colors correspond with the color inside which I love. They twist up so you don't have to use a sharpener. I rate these so low in terms of packaging because the product inside fell out of the tube and got all smooshed in the lid, more times than not. 
 Not much of one!
 Some of these apply okay, but some are streaky. Some just feel like a thin layer of cheapy lipstick.
 Again, some perform better than others. These are definitely not the most pigmented lipsticks I've used. I would have liked the lighter shades to have more pigment so they didn't look so thin and streaky.
At least they feel nice and comfortable on the lips. 
 I reach for these to add a little color to my lips, not for a night out.
Dupability (Originality)
The color selection is great. These are a one of a kind product. 

Overall Score: 3.3

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