Saturday, September 19, 2015

Coloured Raine Lip Lacquer Review

Check out these new lip glosses from Coloured Raine ($16 each)! As much as we all love the liquid to matte trend, we have to admit that glossy lips are making a comeback. When I opened this incredibly generous gift from Coloured Raine, I thought it was their liquid lipsticks because they ahve the same packaging, and come in similar corresponding shades! These would be great to layer over a liquid lipstick but definitely don't need a base. They are incredibly pigmented as it is, as we've shown in our swatch of XoXo on our secondary account @thelipswatch. Is there any other shades you're dying for us to swatch?! 

Score card:

 Coloured Raine has adorable tubes with hot pink lids. They use the same tubes for their liquid lipsticks and the lip lacquers.
 I don't reach for these for their scent. They have a faint traditional lip gloss scent (I have no idea how to describe it), but more than that, I'd say they don't have much of a scent at all.
 These are great because they are buildable. You can get away with using one swipe of product for a more-than tinted gloss, but can also use several pumps of product and multiple swipes to get a completely opaque application, which is how I like to wear it!
 These have to be one of the most pigmented glosses I've tried. Like I said, they are buildable so it does take a few swipes to get them completely opaque, but what's nice is they don't feel too thick when building them up (you know what I mean- no thicky goopy lips here).
 My absolute favorite thing about these glosses is that they are SO comfortable, and NOT STICKY AT ALL! They are just a very soothing, creamy texture that feels incredibly moisturizing on the lips.
 These will last a few hours, especially with more product applied. 
Dupability (Originality)
 The gloss formula seems very unique with it's soothing, non-sticky feel, but the colors are very similar to their liquid lipsticks! Some of the shades are very unique though, which is why I rate these as a unique product.

Overall Score: 4.4

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