Thursday, September 3, 2015

MAC 125SE Split Fibre Dense Face Brush (LE) Dupes

Okay, let's dive into this brush comparison. The MAC one was LE from the Wash & Dry collection. It is a split fibre brush which means one side is natural fibers and the other is synthetic. Natural fibers are great for powders and synthetic for creams. I love this brush but it IS a little thick which I guess I didn't even realize until I got my hands on the Morphe G30 brush. I feel like I have more control over where my product goes so I don't end up with the big blotchy contour that we all fear. The G30 has synthetic fibers but I use it with contour powders and it works beautifully. So this brush may not also include natural fibers but I still think its an amazing steal! Use the code "dupethat" on to save 10%!

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