Sunday, September 6, 2015

MAC Vamplify Collection Review

Pictured are a few of the new MAC Vamplify glosses, as shown on our newest addition to @dupethat, @thelipswatch! TOP ROW: Speed Up, Hyper Fabulous. BOTTOM ROW: She Rebel, A for Attitude. I had to have a few since they are limited edition and I was DYING to try their non-sticky formula! They have the signature MAC vanilla scent and are pretty amazing. I don't find them to be sticky at all so I was pretty shocked at how many negative reviews I came across. Some shades were streakier than others, but all in all I really love this formula and am already wanting to buy more colors. On a side note, this is is our first MAC collection review that we are using our newest rating system with. What fun!

Score card:

These tubes are SLEEK. They are long and slim and like most gloss tubes, show the color inside. 
 Signature MAC vanilla. I know I can always count on MAC to at least have the scent on point.
So what I like about the application is the slightly bent wand. It makes application almost effortless and grabs just a small amount of product at a time. This is always nice for glosses so you don't pack on too much at once, therefore wasting product and yielding goopy lips.  I rate application slightly lower as the darkest, and lightest shades all applied a little streaky. 
I did wish a few of the shades had more pigment, but then again, I have to remember that these are glosses, not liquid lipsticks, and they are highly pigmented for what they are.
I was expecting to be disappointed with these. I read so many negative reviews that these were sticky and uncomfortable. I didn't get that feeling at ALL. They are a complete 180 from the typical MAC lipglass formula. They are incredibly creamy and smooth and not at all sticky. 
These last about as long as you'd expect a gloss to last. 
Dupability (Originality)
 I love that these come in a wide range of colors. There are some flat shades, metallic shades, and iridescent shades- one for every personality. I'm actually having a hard time finding dupes for them!

Overall Score: 4.5

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