Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nero Cosmetics Lip Vinyl Review

Edit: "Miss Argentina" not "Argentina." Okay guys and gals, we're going to jump right into our review on the lip vinyls from the up and coming Nero Cosmetics! You've probably seen them becoming bigger on social media. I know that the first time I saw them was when I was drooling over "Banshee" on Lora Arellano's perfect pout! The colors are seriously gorgeous and come in a wide range to suit literally, every personality. They have a minty scent and are nice and smooth on the lips. The wand needs to be dipped a few times to get enough product to cover the lips, but that's better than pulling out a thick goopy wand. The product inside is fine, it's great in fact. I'd have no problem wearing it all day and night (with a lip liner to hold it in place). What bums me out is that I think I had my hopes a little high for these, because I thought they were going to be something new and exciting. I was slightly disappointed when I received the products, because I noticed right away that they were the standard, slim tubes that are common amongst other indie brands. Now I want to stress that it is not at all uncommon for beauty brands (especially indie brands) to use the same manufacturer for their products. Not every brand has their own factory and creates their own products. In fact, most brands that I can think of get their products from a manufacturer. What disappointed me is that a few of the shades are exactly the same product that we've seen way too many times (I even noticed one product had the same item number as one from another brand). Since these brands do offer the exact same product, it is really up to you to choose which brand you want to go with. I can say with certainty that Nero Cosmetics (as well as a few other brands that offer products like these) have been nothing short of wonderful to us, so it'd really be hard to choose. We also want to stress that we are in no way bashing, and are not encouraging our followers to brand bash. We simply wanted to share this information with you. Now back to the product. I'm curious, what do you think of the colors?

Score card:

 The packaging is the standard rectangular tubes that you see across several indie brands. They did make it their own by stamping their logo along the front.
 These apply alright. The wand pulls out very little product so it takes more than several dips in the tube to cover your entire lips. Another issue I have is that these NEED a lip liner. They bleed into fine lines like crazy.
 These are very pigmented for being a "lip vinyl." They are something in between of a lip gloss and a liquid lipstick.
 No complaints here!
 Like I said, these bleed into your fine lines so you'll need a lip liner. This will also help secure the product in place longer.
Dupability (Originality)
Personally, I found that the originality of these products was a disappointment. 

Overall Score: 2.9

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