Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Urban Decay Electric Palette Review

Let me take a moment to talk about my new holy grail pop-of-color palette, the Urban Decay Electric palette ($49 for 12 shades). This palette is in no way "new," but it is new to me. I have been eyeing it for SO long, and finally decided to take the plunge. I held off for the longest time because I wasn't sure how I'd wear it. I am more of a neutral eye kind of girl, and with Fall approaching, it wasn't the ideal palette I was looking for. But hey, I decided that a pop-of-color on the under eye or on the eyelid isn't so bad! I think that the orange and green shades will look AMAZING for a little additional color- no matter the season! 

With that being said, let me get into my review. The colors are beautiful, and so unique! In my experiences, matte shades tend to perform drier and chalkier than foiled eyeshadows, so I didn't have high expectations for these shades. However, they performed perfectly! I should have known that I can always count on Urban Decay to provide high quality products. What IS a little disappointing is that some of the colors are not technically "eye safe." Like.. what? I think this needs to be made clear before you all run out and spend your hard earned money on it. There is a note on the back stating that "Slowburn, Savage, Jilted, and Urban are not for use around the eye." That was SO disappointing to me because these colors are all perfect for Fall!

I still love this palette even if I can only use 8 of the 12 shades. If you are not comfortable using the non-eye safe products on your eyes- don't worry. We will work on finding dupes for you! Have you tried the Electric palette? What are your thoughts?

Score card:

 I don't think I could ever rate any Urban Decay palettes packaging as less than a 5. Every UD palette I own is gorgeous and makes a statement- plus they provide you with a brush (the brush included in this palette is dual-sided) which is a total bonus!
 Not applicable
 The colors in this palette all apply very nicely. The mattes performed as great as the shimmery shades, which I was not expecting.
These shadows are crazy pigmented! However, when dealing with neon shadows, I prefer to put them over a white base to really get them as bright as possible. 
 I rate comfort slightly lower, not because I've ever had problems with these being comfortable, but because some of the colors are not eye safe. Just be aware of that before using them near the eye area, and you shouldn't have any issues with comfort.
 The longevity of the product itself is great. UD shadows last all day on me. I rate this category slightly lower because I have had multiple shadows break and crumble on me in my UD palettes (especially the metallic shades like "Revolt."
Dupability (Originality)
 While there are no shortage of dupes for the UD Electric palette, it was the first of it's kind, which is why I give it a 5 for being mega-different.

Overall Score: 4.4

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