Sunday, October 25, 2015

JD Glow Cosmetics Highlighter Palette Review

We did a quick swatch & review on our Snapchat (dupethat), but thought we'd give you guys a formal review here, also! The JD Glow Highlighter Palette comes with 12 highlights total. There are 6 different shades, which come in a cream version as well as a powder version. The creams are a little inconsistent because some of them are more creamy and light than others. The powders feel like JD Glow's standard pressed powders which are amazing and CRAZY pigmented. The swatches above were done with the cream highlight as a base, and the powder applied on top. This makes them extremely intense, so I personally would not wear them amplified like this. I'd use the cream or the powders individually. The only shade I don't think I PERSONALLY can rock is Gabrielle Union, which is the coppery gold shade. This highlight is way too intense, warm, and dark for my skin tone so I'd use it as an eyeshadow. I'm sure this would look stunning on deeper skin tones than mine. I'm incredibly happy with this palette and actually use it very frequently! I prefer powder highlights to cream, but I reach for Marilyn Monroe, Ariel, and Beyonce all the time. I've used the silver shade Holy Grail very, VERY lightly on my cheekbones and have used it more heavily in lip art. Have you tried the highlighter palette? What are your thoughts?!

If you'd like to give this highlighter palette a try, you can get an additional 10% off your purchase with the code "dupethat" on JD Glow's website.

Score card:

The highlighter palette comes in a sleek black, thin palette that reminds me of Morphe palettes, but more rectangular. The pans are giant and hold a ton of product! 
 Okay, so normally this would be a "not applicable" type of category for any other highlights, but there is such an odd scent from what I believe to be the cream highlights! It isn't bad, necessarily, it's just strange and I can't pinpoint the scent. What is it?!
I rate this category a little lower because the cream highlights are a little inconsistent in their formula. The application of the powder highlights is incredible, though. 
 JD Glow makes some of the most pigmented highlights EVER. Use a light hand when applying these, and they will last forever.
 I feel slightly cakey when using BOTH cream and powder together (which amplifies the highlight but uses more product). In the future I will just use one or the other (cream or powder).
These cling to your skin and last all day! 
Dupability (Originality)
 JD Glow highlights are one of a kind.

Overall Score: 4.1

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