Sunday, October 18, 2015

JD Glow Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Review

Here are swatches of the brand new liquid lipsticks from JD Glow Cosmetics that are NOW available (more colors are coming soon)! We really love this formula because it's long lasting but also comfortable. We also love the little mirror on the tubes so you can apply anywhere! They're originally $15 a piece, but are on sale right now AND with our code "dupethat" they will only be $11.70 a piece. Tell us what you want us to compare for you!

Score card:

 The packaging is actually really cute! They are clear, sleek, square tubes that have a mirror on the side for applying on the go. The only reason I rate these slightly lower is because the security sticker that comes on the lid for your protection. It leaves a little residue behind (but upon further investigation, it wipes off with little to no effort at all - so I guess I'm just picky).
These have a great vanilla scent to them - my favorite! 
 I have no problems with the application on these. They are more liquidy than my usual favorite formulas (I prefer moussey formulas), but it is actually incredibly easy to work with.
 These are incredibly pigmented. You probably won't need more than one layer, but what I love about these is that if you do apply another layer on top, it doesn't cake or crumble.
 You all know we prefer light, moussey formulas. Well, this is NOT moussey at all, but it is incredibly light and SO comfortable! I forget I'm wearing it.
 These do not dry to a *completely* transfer proof finish, but I take comfort over transfer proof anyday. They do last for hours and are easy to remove when you need to remove.
Dupability (Originality)
 Although a few of these look like dupes for more expensive liquid lipsticks, there are so many unique colors in this line that I rate this category high.

Overall Score: 4.5

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