Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Morphe 35o Palette Review

Say hello to the most popular palette of the season - the Morphe 35O palette! It's no wonder this palette sells out SO quickly. It's seriously stunning. I was just telling my bloggy partner that I could throw away all of my other palettes and live with just this one- it's mostly warm matte brown shades but has a few cool shades too that are perfect for every day eye looks, brows, contouring, and highlighting. There are just a few shimmer shadows, some ultra buttery foiled shadows, and even a couple duochromes! This palette is just the perfect mix of everything! We've never given ANYTHING a perfect score on our website, but this definitely comes close! Sadly it's sold out but I believe they still have them in store. If you live near Burbank, you definitely need to stop by and grab one ($22.99 - 10% off with the code "dupethat" online AND in store). Who else has the 35O and loves it as much as I do?!

Score card:

 Morphe has standard thin, sleek, black eyeshadow palettes that hold 35 shades.
Not applicable. 
This whole palette is amazing. I think there was maybe one shade that didn't perform as well as the others.  
 I'm incredibly impressed by the pigmentation of the shadows in this palette, especially considering the majority of them are matte shadows. There are also a few foiled eyeshadows which are incredibly intense.
 You don't feel these once they're on.
 No problems here.
Dupability (Originality)
 Okay, so no, I don't think that there are any other palettes like the Morphe 35o on the market right now. However, there are a ton of MAC and Makeup Geek dupes within this palette!

Overall Score: 4.9

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