Monday, January 12, 2015

Makeup Monsters Gel Liner Review

We found this matte red gel eyeliner in "Rage" on Makeup Monsters and HAD to buy one! I mean come on.. Have you ever seen matte red eyeliner before? We think this is the PERFECT edgy product to complete the grungy eye look that's trending right now. We tested it out on our palm since we ran out of swatching space, but the result turned out positive since you can see it doesn't bleed in any cracks. It's extremely light and smooth when it's applied, but does take a while to completely dry. The good thing about that is that you have room for error if you want to move it around a little! You could probably even smudge it out to do a unique looking smokey eye. We are seriously obsessing over this color. What are your thoughts about matte red gel liner?

Score card:

 A little pot with a printed Makeup Monsters logo.
 Not applicable. 
 These apply just fine but need a little extra something in there to have the formula be a little more firm.
 The pigmentation is great.
 These are nice and comfy! They are really soft and smooth and never really dry down.
So the one thing I don't love about this liner is that the formula never completely dries down. This makes it more of a paint pot, and when I use this I blend it out onto my lid rather than attempting to have a nice, sharp line. 
Dupability (Originality)
 Very original.

Overall Score: 3.7

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