Monday, January 12, 2015

Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint Review

We pre-ordered Coloured Raine's Matte Lip Paints to be sure we had them all to share with you! They are awesome! When you first apply them, they have a smooth texture similar to NYX soft matte lip cream. They dry within a few seconds and are the only liquid to matte we've tried that feel comparable to Lime Crime Velvetines (they dry to that transfer-proof velvety feeling that you get with velvetines). Because of this texture, they are super long lasting and actually a little hard to get off. You can scrub the product off or remove it more easily with coconut oil (or any other kind of oil). Some of the colors felt slightly drier than others (Raine Fever was slightly crumbly when applied but this problem has been FIXED). They run at $16 a piece OR you can purchase the whole bundle (all of these colors shown) for $95. This is a pretty reasonable price for liquid to matte, especially considering their quality seems higher than drugstore quality. So whether you don't want to spend the money on more expensive products, or maybe you're not a fan of Lime Crime, or for whatever reason, these are a great alternative. We can't wait to try more products from Coloured Raine! And don't worry, we'll be comparing these side by side next to Lime Crime, Dose of Colors, and Pretty Zombie Cosmetics throughout the next week or so. What do you think about these matte lip paints?

More swatches of the Coloured Raine nude bundle of matte lip paints can be found here!

Score card:

Coloured Raine stuck with their hot pink theme and did simple clear tubes with hot pink lids. 
I don't reach for these for the scent. It is a very very faint paint like scent, similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills. 
 These apply heavenly.
Very pigmented liquid lipsticks. 
 These are very comfortable on the lips, but not my absolute favorite formula.
 These are very long lasting and smooch proof. Avoid greasy foods while wearing.
Dupability (Originality)
 These are up in the air in terms of originality. The first set of colors were pretty much all similar to something, while the newest shades (including the nudes) are pretty unique.

Overall Score: 4.1


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