Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Glamour Dolls Lip Gloss Review

We recently tried out the lip glosses from Glamour Dolls Makeup and to sum it up... We love how these feel. They have a cute simple clear tube with a sponge applicator. As we were applying we did notice a slight smell which we can't put our finger on, but it doesn't smell like an added scent. We think that there is NO added scent and maybe it's the ingredients we are smelling. These are some of the most moisturizing glosses, though! I feel like I just rubbed a lip mask of essential oils on. They're extremely soft and creamy, NOT at all sticky. While most were very sheer, "Wildflower" was pretty opaque and wouldn't need a base lipstick. It stayed put really well for a gloss. We will definitely be keeping these in our purses for a cute beach gloss! We also wanted to add that their customer service was amazing. They even included a cute note in our package that was so sweet we wanted to cry!

Score card:

Plain Janes tubes. 
I try to avoid these for the scent. It isn't as bad if you apply a flavored balm before these. Without, it leaves a bad plastic-y taste in your mouth with the overwhelming ingredient scent. 
 These apply fairly evenly and are nice and moisturizing.
 As a gloss, these aren't meant to be insanely pigmented.
Insanely comfortable on the lips. Super moisturizing and hydrating.  
These do not last very long. 
Dupability (Originality)
 We've found a few of these to be dupes for MAC lip glasses (color wise)!

Overall Score: 2.5

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