Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lime Green Eyeliner Comparisons

Are you bold enough to rock lime green eyeliner? Here's a few comparisons of some similar greens we have on hand! First is Chlorafill from the MAC Toledo collection. It's our favorite of the bunch. It's vivid and glides on nice and smooth with a little bit of shimmer (it's also still available, so jump on it if you're dying to have it!). MAC Sourpuss is a permanent acid green Technakohl liner, which has the least pigmentation of the three, and applies slightly dryer. Lime Crime Citreuse is the most bold of the three because it's in the form of liquid liner, but does apply a little too watery for my liking. After the wipe-away test, the MAC Technakohl liner was the only one that really budged (even it it was just the slightest amount)! Which of the three highlighter green liners look the best to you?!

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