Saturday, February 28, 2015

Glamour Dolls Lipstick Review

We wanted to share some cute lipsticks from a cute brand. Glamour Dolls lip creams have sort of a satin/semi-matte finish. They don't have any added fragrance as sometimes they can be an irritant. So if fragrance oils tend to bother you, then you've found your affordable makeup heaven. The lack of added fragrance does leave the scent of the ingredients which has a plastic-like smell to it. This could be solved easily with a flavored gloss on top. Back to how they feel, though! They're extremely creamy and soft on your lips, it feels like you just applied a lip balm. They adhere nicely to the lips sort of how a MAC satin lipstick does. This helps them from wearing off in 20 minutes like some other affordable brands do. Some were more pigmented than others but even the less opaque ones were buildable to almost full color payoff. What do you think of these $3 (Yes, I said THREE DOLLARS) lipsticks?! Will you be giving them a try?

Score card:

Glamour Dolls sticks to simple packaging which yields more affordable products. 
 I try to avoid these lipsticks for the plastic like taste/scent. If you are easily irritated by added fragrances, then these are for you!
Not too shabby! These can appear streaky but are buildable. 
 About as pigmented as a MAC satin with a buildable formula.
Feels like chapstick/lip balm! 
Adheres well to lips. Lasts about as long as a MAC satin finish lipstick. 
Dupability (Originality)
 Standard lipstick colors. I would've loved to see more neutrals!

Overall Score: 2.9

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