Wednesday, February 4, 2015

LA Splash Smitten Lip Tint Review

We tried out these new Smitten Lip Tints from LA Splash Cosmetics and they are incredible! They are similar to their liquid lipsticks because they are waterproof, but they dry ULTRA matte as opposed to matte, have a 2-3 minuted drying time, and the "liquid" stage is actually more of a mousse! (This info was provided by LA Splash). They run $11.98 a piece which is an awesome price because THESE BABIES DO NOT BUDGE. In an attempt to not rip off my lips, I used coconut oil to remove them which helped a lot. and hi, did you notice the Harry Potter related names? That alone had us hooked. If you're a liquid to matte fan at all, or if you don't like reapplying your lip color throughout the day, try these out! Check out the other colors available on their Instagram page and their website.

Score card:

I like the packaging! They are super nice tubes with a hot pink metallic cap. I rate them slightly lower than a 5 because of the fact that they arrive with stickers sealing them shut which leave a sticky residue. 
 These are not something I'd sit around and take a whiff of. They smell a little chemically and paint-like.
 These apply really nicely in the sense that they are like a mousse. They take a little longer to dry than most liquid lipsticks which leaves a lot of room for error. I do find some shades to be streaky and/or staining, though.
 Just about as pigmented as it gets.
 Eh, these are so so in terms of comfort. I do find them outrageously sticky upon drying.
 These are almost impossible to remove. It is up to you to decide if that is a good or a bad thing.
Dupability (Originality)
 Very unique shades. I'm loving the variety.

Overall Score: 3.8

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