Monday, March 30, 2015

City Color Be Matte Gems Review

Okay guys, we tried out the new City Color Be Matte Gems which is just a line of unique colors in the theme of gemstones within their be Matte lipsticks. If you want to know more about the formula of the Be Matte lipsticks, we rave about them in our review which you can check out here. For this review, we are just going to talk about the colors, as that's really the only different between the Gems and the traditional Be Matte lipsticks. I love that City Color tried out something crazy and bold. The colors are really unique and I love the idea of a white lipstick to mix with other colors, turning them into almost pastel shades. I did a rough demonstration of this in the photo to the right. I DO think colors are more easily mixed in liquid form such as OCC lip tars, but I think that having a white lipstick on hand to just slightly lighten colors that may be a tad too bright wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. The results just wouldn't be as dramatic as they would be in liquid form. I will probably use the white, black, and possibly even the emerald shade as I'm a sucker for greens, but would have loved to see an amethyst, ruby, or a deep sapphire color with this line, since they are in the theme of gemstones after all! Other than that, I wasn't too blown away with this collection. But hey, it's a little refreshing because I can't love EVERY thing by one brand, right? Would you try these colors? Tag a friend who could create an awesome lip look with these.

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Score card:

 These come in the same packaging as the standard Be Matte lipsticks, with the exception of the tubes being white instead of black.
These have the standard Be Matte crayon-like scent which I really don't love, but it fades once applied. 
As much as I don't love the shades here, they apply incredible. You can read more in our Be Matte lipstick review. 
 For bold shades, these could be more pigmented.
 Extremely comfortable. You can read more in our Be Matte lipstick review.
 These are very long lasting for standard lipsticks.
Dupability (Originality)
 The shades are very original.

Overall Score: 4

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