Friday, March 6, 2015

MAC Cinderella (LE) Collection Review

We've decided to try something different and start reviewing limited edition MAC collections, in addition to finding you all some dupes for them! Here's swatches of the lip products from the new MAC Cinderella collection. If you missed out on this collection, don't kick yourself over it. The colors were all really sheer and super similar to one another. Royal Ball is just slightly more pink than Free as a Butterfly, and the difference between the lipglasses was the iridescent glitters. Happily Ever After contained blue iridescent glitter while Glass Slipper contained pink iridescent glitter (the names should have been switched if you ask me!). I can't get my camera to pick up the glitters so I apologize for that! The thing I love most about this collection was the packaging. Everything comes in beautiful blue iridescent packaging, packed in gold lined blue boxes. It has got to be up there in a list of my top favorite LE packaging! Do you like these mini LE collection reviews? Let us know in the comments below!

Let's talk about MAC Cinderella & Bao Bao Wan beauty powders. Since beauty powders are so subtle it can be hard to decide between the three! Let's see if we can help.
  • Coupe D'Chic is the most magical looking with reflective sparkles, you'll look like you are a real life Twilight vampire. Personally, the more magical I look, the better. But some of you may not want to look "sparkly." 
  • Mystery Princess is very light colored micro shimmer. The glow I get from it is white and since I have yellow undertones it's not my favorite. So keep your skin tone in mind with this one!
  • Summer Opal (from the Bao Bao Wan collection) is really the best Summer beauty powder. It has a gold sheen to it (gold micro shimmer) so maybe I just love it because of my yellow undertones. But I think if you threw a little bronzer on and topped your face with this bad boy, even the fairest could look like they have a sunkissed glow.

    What do you think?! Will you be grabbing any of these LE beauty powders in stores today? (I wore Lavender Jade from the Bao Bao Wan collection on my lips in these photos).
Cinderella Eye Glosses Review- So these weren't our first eye glosses from MAC. We originally purchased some when the product first released this last year. This is one of those products that when you figure out how it's best applied for you, you'll love it. So initially you're probably like "duh, it's lipglass in a jar." No, I promise it's not. It's WAY thicker and extremely sticky feeling. A little bit goes a long way. I have big eyes and thus I have big eyelids that crinkle a lot. I found these best worn alone because on it's own it didn't crease but when placed over shadow it did two things: 1) Moved the shadow so it became patchy & 2) Made the shadow gather in my creases. Not cute. I think the thick sticky texture is what makes it more wearable than dabbing lipglass on, as I have tried that before eye glosses existed (I can't be the only one haha). Lipglass is not really sticky so it moves and finds its way mostly in creases. One of the fantastic things about eye gloss is that you can mix it with pigments to create any eye gloss color you want. I think what I will leave you with is this; As a collector or MUA you should have at least one of these. People who don't really know their way around makeup would probably be happier having skipped these as they're sort of annoying to figure out. What do you think of MAC's eye glosses? Have you tried them?

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