Friday, March 27, 2015

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer Review

Okay, before we dive into reviewing Makeup Revolution's Salvation Velvet Lacquer's can we take a second to congratulate them on hitting 100k followers on Instagram? Congrats, guys! I also want to apologize that I didn't swatch all of these colors on the lip for you all this time around. We've been working around the clock swatching on our days off from our full times jobs, so right now I have some not-so-perfect, dry lips. I promise not to skip over lip swatches in the future! Anyway, I did swatch one color so you can get an idea of what these look like on the lips, and hopefully the arm swatch chart is helpful too! Let me start with what I love about this product- they're only $4.63 a piece and are comparable to other high end liquid to mattes, many colors even dupe Anastasia's liquid lipsticks. They ship from the UL but arrived to me in the U.S. fairly quick. They are long wearing, very matte, and most of the colors look really beautiful on and applied flawlessly (as long as you don't layer it to yield a thick and sticky mess, like most liquid lipsticks)! They are pretty transfer proof. I had trouble removing these with makeup remover but got them off easily with some oil, which is not a bad problem to have. That being said, what I don't like about these is- the slight paint like scent (it's not noticeable once dried), the thick stickiness when you try to build up the color (common with most liquid to matte lipsticks I've tried), and I'm just really not into the lighter colors on my lips, not with just these either, but with any brand. Most of the light pastel like colors in ANY brand (Jeffree Star, ABH, etc.) tend to apply thin and streaky on me and cling to dry skin, so that's not MUR's fault at all, in fact, it kind of reinforced to me how similar they were to high end brands. I do find these to be a tad more sticky and uncomfortable than others, but honestly, no lipstick is going to be perfect, especially in this type of formula and at such a low price. All in all, I DO recommend these as an affordable alternative to higher end if you're wanting to try the formula or see which colors work for you. Have you tried these out? What are your thoughts?!

Score card:

 Simple clear tubes with black lids, and an exotic font.
 Slightly paint-like, similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills.
 Some shades perform better than others, deeper shades perform particularly better. 
 Deeper shades have more pigment and thus apply less streaky.
 These are not my favorite liquid lipstick in terms of comfort. They are stickier than usual and a little drying.
These last all night, and will only be removed with oil. So, avoid eating greasy meals. 
Dupability (Originality)
 I've found a few of these to be dupes for Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Overall Score: 3.7

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