Monday, April 20, 2015

Give Me Glow Lip Products Review

I'm going to give you all just a mini review this morning (because, you know, it's 6 a.m. and I'm on my first cup of coffee), on the Etsy shop Give Me Glow's lip products! She is just incredible because she makes products specifically as dupes for the most popular shades, which is obviously right up our alley here at @dupethat (psst.. I think she may even take requests). We've shared the two shades that are swatches on the left next to Lime Crime "Cashmere" and "Riot" which you can check out on their dupe pages! As you can see, they aren't exact dupes because they don't have that liquid to matte finish, but I actually prefer this texture over those by a long shot (plus they're only $5.25 a piece, so there's that). On a side note: I apologize if my photos look a little washed out! I take my photos outside so how they turn out really depends on the weather! Anyway, they come in little gloss pots and have a super whipped and moussey consistency- just really creamy and moisturizing on your lips, all while being long lasting. Also, they surprisingly don't move around when talking or pressing your lips together! These are seriously like heaven in a jaw. They're something that no matter how bold it is, I feel like I could put it on and forget that it's there. the ONLY thing I didn't care for was the lightest color I received (Liz Purr). It seemed like it was just the slightest bit too airy and light and wasn't very flattering on me- but you know I have something against light colors on my lips. So with that being said.. What colors will you be purchasing from Give Me Glow?

Score card:

Cute lil' clear containers that you will need a lip brush for. She glues a cute bow on top. 
I can't tell if these have a scent or not. 
 They all are incredible upon application other than the lightest color which was very inconsistent in formula.
 Great pigmentation for such a moussey formula!
 So soft and moisturizing.
 They don't adhere much to the lips and therefore do not last very long.
Dupability (Originality)
Give Me Glow specifically makes items to be dupes. 

Overall Score: 3.4

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