Saturday, May 23, 2015

Babydoll Beauty Highlighters Review

Say hello to the absolute QUEEN of highlighters Babydoll Beauty Cosmetics! If you are looking for the perfect highlighter, look no further! When we received these in the mail you better believe that the two of us were fighting over these babies. "Luxurious" and "Mermaid Skin" are honestly two of the most beautiful highlighters I've seen (and they're $15 each). As soon as we received them, I went ahead and ordered an extra "Luxurious." That has to be a first for me! I just know these are going to be used on the daily. What I was really surprised about is how well these are made. They are loose highlighters that come in sifter jars with a ton of product, but when you apply them, there is surprisingly little fallout (swatches here were applied with my finger with no primer). They just cling to you. They are a little messy in their containers, but good grief, I can't think of anything I don't LOVE about these. Which of these is calling your name?! If you love these, I'd act fast because they sell out insanely quick!

Score card:

 Simple clear sifter containers with brand label.
 No scent.
 These apply like a dream. Very even!
 As pigmented as it gets for a highlighter. These have the perfect amount of glow for me without being too overpowering.
I don't feel these on my skin. 
These extreme highlights should be used with primer and setting spray for best results. 
Dupability (Originality)
 Very beautiful and original shades compared to many highlighters sold in stores.

Overall Score: 4

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