Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Beauty Bar Baby Matte Attack Liquid Lipstick Review

Here are swatches of the Beauty Bar Baby (an Etsy shop) Matte Attack liquid lipsticks ($13.95). Okay, I don't love the packaging, or rather I don't like the DIY looking labels. But I quickly forgot all about that when I swatched these and saw how beautiful the colors were! Seriously, I can't even pick a favorite. (Except sadly I had trouble with Wicked. It took much longer to dry and was streakier than the others). These are also the MOST matte liquid lipsticks I've ever used. As we have said a million times, there is NO perfect liquid to matte formula out there. If stickiness is something that drives you nuts though, then these are for you! They dry down to a sort of chalky ultra matte texture. The only downside is that they aren't as long lasting as those stickier formulas. If you make out with bae then you might experience some crumbling. All in all I do like these for their ULTRA matte finish.

Score card:

 Standard indie brand tubes with silver trim and black lids. Printed brand label around tube.
Little to no scent. If any, reminiscent of paint so I don't reach for these for that. 
These apply very smoothly and feel nice, with only a little inconsistency when using "Wicked," which applied streaky.
 Extremely pigmented liquid lipsticks.
 These feel okay, but I don't reach for these when I want something simple and comfy. They dry to an ultra matte finish which can be very drying.
These are a little disappointing when it comes to longevity. They tend to crumble when you touch your lips together and will come off when you eat greasy meals. 
Dupability (Originality)
 I think a couple of the shades here are incredibly unique, but a few of the others can be considered dupes for Lime Crime Velvetines. 

Overall Score: 2.9

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