Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Color Scopes Matte Stick Lipstick Review

Here are the Color Scopes "Matte Stick" lipsticks ($13). First off I like the packaging. It's a simple black square that feels heavy and sturdy in your hands. They have a lovely, mild vanilla scent to them. One of the first things I noticed while swatching is that several of these are NOT matte. While we still love them with the creamier finish, it could be misleading to someone purchasing online. The less matte lipsticks are guilty, jealous, anxious, and vicious. They're still beautiful but definitely not the same formula as the rest. The rest are a very true matte. They don't tug or drag while applying and they feel like a MAC matte on your lips (soft and creamy). Their website does say they are cruelty free so I'm sure a lot of you will be happy to hear that. What do you think of these?

Score card:

 My favorite thing about the simple black packaging is that it feels high quality and heavy.
 Faint vanilla, much like MAC lipsticks. Yum!
 These are a creamy matte lipstick much like MAC mattes. Some shades are less matte than others.
 Some shades are patchier than others and lack the same pigmentation as the rest.
 They're very soft and creamy and they don't drag or tug.
 About the same longevity as a standard MAC matte.
Dupability (Originality)
 Once again, Color Scopes is almost identical to MAC! These are just like MAC matte lipsticks.

Overall Score: 4.1

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