Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lash XO Lashes Review

You guys this is the first time we have reviewed a lash brand for you. So these are from Lash XO Lashes and are on sale for $6.99 with free shipping over $25. So some of the things I look for in lashes is how durable they are. I need to be able to get several wears out of them before they're trash. These are pretty dang durable! So that's a home run for me. These are also fur free and cruelty free. Plus I love their cute little packages! Let's get into the lash glue; first of all and most importantly, it's latex-free! It comes with an applicator wand which I feel doesn't deposit enough glue. So you may have to put a few layers! It takes a little time to dry but it does dry clear and stays put. This is a great alternative for those with latex allergies! What do you think?! Are you a lash addict?! Would you like to see more lash reviews?

Score card:

 The packaging is super cute and simple. I love the lips that are placed below the lashes to make it look like a face.
 Not applicable.
 These apply great, but as mentioned in the review the lash glue applicator doesn't deposit enough glue, but it is clear which is a positive.
Not applicable. 
About as comfy as you can get with lashes. I forget that I have these on. 
 For synthetic lashes, these are pretty durable. They last a few wears as long as you take good care of them.
Dupability (Originality)
 These styles are pretty similar to some higher end mink lashes.

Overall Score: 4

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