Saturday, June 20, 2015

SauceBox Cosmetics Batalash Palette Review

If you haven't grabbed your limited edition Batalash palette from SauceBox Cosmetics, there's still time! These are still available but in VERY limited quantities. What do I love about this palette? Those metallic shades, obviously! I'm forever googly eyed over Enigma, Electro, and Nova. These are my personal favorites, but I am also obsessing over the range of colors. I think the warmer shades in this palette will be perfect for fall but there are also a few cool shades that just scream summer. It's just really up to you to decide what type of look you're trying to create, but this palette can make it happen. I also LOVE the easy removal of the (giant sized) shadow pans. Not that I'd ever take them out of their gorgeous lavender packaging, but if it were anything else, they'd be removed and popped into my z-palette. The shadows all perform very well. They are velvety smooth and EASILY blendable. I was a little unimpressed with Popper, as it just didn't give me as much shimmer as I was hoping for, but I do love the color. This palette is $60 (I know, I about fainted when I bought it), but the pans are HUGE, the colors are gorgeous, and it's a limited edition creation by the Batalash girls. Need I say more?!

As requested, here is a fun comparison showing you the size of the SauceBox Batalash palette pans compared to a quarter. These pans are very large and each hold 4g of product! With the 8 shadow palette being $60, this means you are paying $7.50 per eyeshadow! For reference, MAC eyeshadows are 1.5g and are $16 each (or $10 for individual pans).

Score card:

Saucebox always has cute packaging! They have their signature Saucebox gal on the cover and made it obvious that this palette was in collaboration with the Batalash girls. The palette is larger than expected, and as shown above, the pans are huge. 
 Not applicable.
The shadows all applied really nicely, I just think I had higher hopes for the lighter shades. 
The bright and bold shades all had great pigmentation. 
No problems here. 
 As always, use a primer to achieve maximum eyeshadow longevity!
Dupability (Originality)
 This palette has such a stunning scheme of colors, unlike any other layout I've seen.

Overall Score: 4.8

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